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about the podcast

The Fantastic History Of Food is a podcast started in 2019 by best selling author of

The Bant Wagon cookbook, Nick Charlie Key.

The podcast combines a love of food and a love of history and brings them together in a fun and interesting way, telling bizarre and often ridiculous stories involving food throughout history.

Designed to be listened to on an average daily commute each episode is between 10-15 minutes long.

All episodes are labelled "Clean" and are appropriate for all ages.

episodes & availability

The podcast was launched with an initial 5 episode run with new episodes being released every 2nd Friday.

The show is currently FREE to listen to HERE or on:

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Google Podcasts

  • Spotify

  • Stitcher

  • Anchor

  • Breaker

  • Castbox

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ads & partnerships

The show is currently looking for partnerships that fit well with the brand and ethos of this podcast and as such is currently ad-free.

We do have a Patreon Account where fans are able to help support the show.

Through Patreon, fans are able to contribute to the podcast itself and help me make more and better episodes. 

In turn, their donations unlock exclusive content and rewards like bonus episodes, early access to new episodes and much more.

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